BSH Visitor/Contractor Form

Visitors and contractors must sign in when
on Baptist Student Hostel premises.

BSH Visitor/Contractor Form

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Conditions of Entry to BSH

In accordance with the “Health and Safety at Work Act 2015”, visitors and contractors must obey all reasonable instructions and signs whilst on site to ensure their actions create no hazards to people or property. The managers will brief you on any specific health and safety requirements in your visiting areas. Your cooperation ensures a safe environment for everyone involved.

Site Hazards

Please be aware of the following potential site hazards.

HazzardActions to minimise
Fire, earthquake, evacuation, lockdown, etc.In an emergency, follow the instructions of the managers or the warden.
Driveway and carpark:
Vehicle movements forwards and reverse, opening doors and tailgates. Goods and site supplies left on the ground
Exercise extra caution when walking on the driveway and carpark as it may have vehicular traffic. When placing or leaving goods, ensure they are in a safe area to prevent accidents or obstruction.
People movements:
Such as people walking around corners etc
Please prioritise the safety and comfort of others. Be especially mindful of your surroundings and the presence of others in outdoor areas.
Kitchen and dining room:
Chairs and equipment, etc.
Please take care while in the dining room around chairs, etc.Be aware of any potential spills or objects on benches, or hot stoves or dishes in the kitchen.
Trips and falls
Exercise caution when using stairs to ensure your safety. Whenever possible, utilise handrails for added support and stability. It’s especially important to exercise extreme caution when carrying goods or when the visibility of the stairs is limited.
Slippery surfaces:
Slippery surfaces, especially on wet days
Please remain mindful of the ground conditions, especially during wet weather. It’s essential to wear appropriate footwear to prevent slips and falls. If you encounter any specific areas that are slippery, please inform the managers.
Flying objects:
Such as rugby and football etc.
Take care and be mindful of outdoor activities or while in common areas.
Site works:
Caretaker and/or Contractors: Lawn mowing, building washing, cleaning, painting, ongoing maintenance and associated equipment, including powered tools etc.
For your safety and the smooth operation of our site, we kindly ask you to take care and remain mindful of the ongoing work. It’s important to follow the guidance provided by the managers and any designated personnel. Additionally, please respect any cordoned-off areas and refrain from entering restricted zones.