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The Baptist Student Hostel provides accommodation primarily for students between the ages of 18 and 21 who have recently left school or undertaken a gap year. For this reason, the hostel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to a person outside of this category.

Preliminary Acceptance & Confirmation

Confirming your position at the Baptist Student Hostel is a simple process.

Step 1: Make your application now…
To kick the process off, we first need to receive (i) your online application and (ii) submissions by your two referees.

Step 2: Notification of Preliminary Acceptance.
We will be in touch in due course to advise whether your application has been accepted on a preliminary basis.

Step 3: Pay Deposit and return your Accommodation Contract to confirm your position at the Hostel.

Only after your Deposit and the Accommodation Contract are received, is your accommodation confirmed.

Your Contact Details

Emergency Contact Details

Study Details

Medical Conditions

For safety and well-being reasons, it is important that we are aware of any relevant medical conditions and/or disabilities. This information is strictly confidential. Also, please note that while we certainly make every reasonable effort, due to logistical issues, it is possible that we may not be able to cater for all special (eg: catering) needs. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

Character References

  • Please give contact details of two referees who are not family members. A suitable referee would be a school principal, dean, teacher, employer, minister, youth pastor, or an older person with a longstanding connection.

First Referee


Second Referee

Other Details

The Hostel is open to everyone; if you don't attend just leave blank.
e.g. sports, hobbies, other interests

Conditions of Redency

A few Terms & Conditions apply to your stay with the Baptist Student Hostel. Some notable key points are listed below. Please refer to the BSH Information handbook for full details.

  1. The Resident agrees to participate and contribute to the supportive and harmonious atmosphere of the Hostel, showing consideration towards other residents and neighbours, and to Hostel staff.
  2. All residency fees are paid on time.
  3. The following are prohibited on the Hostel premises or property:
    (a) Firearms or weapons of any kind;
    (b) Alcohol or drugs;
    (c) Smoking or vaping;
    (d) Flammable liquids, lighted candles, or fireworks.
    If the Resident is found to have breached this clause, the Hostel reserves the right to immediately terminate the Resident’s Contract.
  4. Residents are expected to keep their rooms clean and tidy and be available for inspection or maintenance as required.
  5. Residents shall observe a quiet period from 10pm until 8.00am each day.
  6. The Resident is expected to exercise a standard of reasonable care when using any Hostel property. All damage to Hostel property must be reported promptly to Hostel Management. The Hostel may require those responsible to pay the cost of repairs.
  7. Management will contact the emergency person in any situation where they have concerns about your safety or well-being.
  8. Residents are required to ensure visitors adhere to Hostel rules at all times and accept responsibilities for their actions. A visitor is required to sign the visitors’ book on arrival and departure.
  9. No person other than the current Hostel residents may stay overnight without the express permission of the Hostel managers.

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