Genuine Testimonials

These testimonials are genuine, recent accounts of how some students found life at the Baptist Student Hostel. We’re delighted they had such a positive time with us and we’re proud to say they’re voicing opinions we have heard many times over the years.

At the end of the day, most people want someplace secure, warm, and friendly to live. Baptist Student Hostel ticks all those boxes and much more.

The hostel was an awesome choice for my first-year accommodation, I made life-long friends, ate great food, and enjoyed hostel-wide events like paintball and bowling. Graeme and Sharon are awesome managers, super friendly, and are always keen for a chat – no matter the topic! It was also super ideal being alongside people studying similar courses to me.

S.S. 2023

“Moving away from home to a city where I knew only a few people was an incredibly daunting feeling at first, but I can now say that moving to the Baptist Student Hostel was the best decision my parents and I could have made. The Hostel is a bright, friendly, and comfortable place with a homely feel, making it the perfect place to live for the first year of University. After a long day of study it’s a nice feeling to know that a hot, delicious and nutritious meal and a warm room are there for you. The rooms are a great size with loads of storage and freedom to make the space your own with photos, posters and decorations.

“One of the best things about the Hostel is the support network. The friendships that I have built in my year at the Hostel will be those to last a lifetime! Through the tight-knit environment of the Hostel filled with like-minded young Christians I have made the best friends who have been there to study with, laugh with, cry with, stress-out with, do crazy stuff with and most importantly grow in faith with. Sharon and Graeme are fantastic host parents who are always there to support the students and encourage them in their studies and make outstanding meals night after night!

“The Hostel has been more to me than simply a place to live while studying. It’s become a home away from home, a vessel through which I have made joyful memories, discovered myself and grown in my faith.”

A.T. 2014

“Moving away from home can be hard and scary. I know for me, personally, Baptist Student Hostel has been a home away from home. The people, Sharon and Graeme (the managers) and the food and just everything has made it so homely and welcome. The rooms are a good size and very accommodating and there are some good times to be had in the recreation room. I am not just saying all this … these are my genuine feelings and experiences.

“The Christian aspect of the hostel has also been a blessing to me. It is so nice to know that you, at any time, can talk to someone about things that you are going through or if you are struggling. To know that you can be confident they will listen and take the time to help you. I can honestly say that the friendships I have made in the hostel, I will keep for the rest of my life. Journeying through the year really brings everyone together like a family.

“I highly recommend Baptist Student Hostel for anyone who is looking for a positive environment, where incredible friendships are formed; a place where study and development is encouraged; and where you are able to grow personally both in yourself and in your faith.”

C.R. 2014

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my year living at the Baptist Student Hostel. It was a great start to my life away from home and university studies. The hostel enabled to me to make great new friends in my first year. It was great living with an amazing bunch of completely individual people and being able to make life-long friends. The hostel provides cooked dinner every night and lunch on the weekends with general food available during the week for lunch, this is such a help in the first year away from and the first year of university.”

“The food is always good and special effort is always made on occasions such a birthdays, which makes the hostel really feel like home. Another great aspect of the Baptist Student Hostel is the managers who make it feel like a real home away from home. They know everyone and are always there for support and anything you might need. The RA’s (residential assistants) are older students who live with us at the hostel, they are so much fun organising activities and being available anytime for almost anything. Whether you want a quiet night in to study or a fun night with friends you can do it all. With our own rooms which include working space to study you can shut the door and put your head down for the all -important exam coming up.

“The location of the hostel is fantastic, it’s only a ten minute walk into Palmerston North CBD and with a bus station directly in front of the hostel heading out to Massey University or anywhere else is really easy. My year at the hostel is not one that I will forget and has been a great experience for me. I would recommend the hostel to any first year student looking for an awesome place to live.”

J.P. 2014